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Like television, I cannot remember the first movie I ever saw...

I enjoy a lot of movies ranging from science fiction, horror, comedy, action and suspense. I tend to like older movies (pre 1970s), although there are a lot of current films around that I do like.

Darkman Database

This site looks at the Darkman franchise, which includes three movies, a comic book series, a novel series, some computer games and a television pilot. Darkman

Naked Gun

This site looks at the three Naked Gun movies, which starred Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin. Also included are pages on the main cast and the many guests that appeared. Also of interest is the Police Squad site, which is on the television series which features the same characters which preceded the movies.

Terra & Wes' Movie reviews

This page looks at some selected movies available on DVD with a comment from myself and Terra Dunn, both of us being movie fans. Terra Dunn