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The Darkman character was brought by computer software company Ocean Software and games featuring the character were released for the following platforms: NES, Gameboy, Amiga and Sinclair Spectrum.

The NES start screen Ocean Software's advert for the game A screenshot from the Sinclair version of the game


The format of the game is an adventure/beat them up, where the Darkman character has to go around the city looking for clues, whilst fighting the thugs.

In the first level of the game, Darkman is in the chinatown part of the city where you have to try and get hold of some laundered money used for drugs by Durant and his men. Level two is set in a factory, where you have to dodge past machinery as well as fight the henchmen. This leads to level three: where you are on the rooftop and Durant is after you in the helicopter (in a level inspired from the movie). Level four is set in a laboratory where you have to build a bomb - before level five comes along, and you have to catch a lift on the Durant's helicopter before the laboratory explodes. The last level is similar to the last scenes in the movie where you have to face Strack in the building site.

Unfortunately with the collapse of Ocean Software (which was part of the Robert Maxwell group of companies), the series did not have any follow up titles, and software houses have not used the character since.


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