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Elliott Gould & Mariel Hemingway, who had a cameo in the third movie When the first Naked Gun movie was cast, only Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin, and Ed Williams as Ted Olsen returned as the same characters from the Police Squad television series.

The other roles such as Captain Ed Hocken and Nordberg, were recast. New characters were introduced such as Priscilla Presley as Jane Spencer, and Nancy Marchand as Mayor Barkley.

Like the television series, the movies also had a lot of cameos, either from look a likes (John Roarke as President Bush, for example), or from the actual people themselves.

Perhaps the performer to appear as himself the most times in the Naked Gun series was 'Weird' Al Yankovic, who appeared as himself in all three movies.

James Earl Jones and Olympia Dukakis who also had a cameo in the third movie
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