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Links to other sites

Unfortunately, there are surprisingly few sites about these movies.

For the Police Squad television series that preceded the films, I also maintain the following site:

Police Squad In Color - click here

The site is similar to this one in that it looks at all the episode, the cast, and guest stars who appeared in this series.

Also a highly recommended site about the show is Police Squad! In Color!

As for the movies, the only other site I can recommend is the Naked Gun Homepage - a great site with lots of information (NB it has a midi file set to automatically play on the main page)

Items to buy

Fortunately, you can buy all three movies on dvd:

Amazon USA

Amazon USA also have this page which you can register on to be notified whenever a Police Squad dvd ever gets released.

Amazon UK

Complete Naked Gun series

Naked Gun

Naked Gun 2

Naked Gun 33 1/3

You can also get posters of the movies: