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George Kennedy as Captain Ed Hocken George Kennedy was born in New York, on 18 February, 1925.

A veteran of World War 2, Kennedy, like Leslie Nielsen, was best known for his dramatic roles in the movies and television series before appearing in the Naked Gun movies, although one of his early appearances was on the Phil Silvers Show in the 1950s!

After appearing in a number of guest roles in such western television series as Have Gun - Will Travel, Gunsmoke and The Virginian, Kennedy continued the western theme in movies such as the Sons of Katie Elder and Guns of the Magnificent Seven. He also appeared in hard edged roles in movies like the Boston Strangler, the Dirty Dozen, and Cool Hand Luke.

During the 1970s Kennedy found a supporting role as grizzled mechanic Joe Patroni in Airport. He would continue to play the character during the many sequels that followed. 

George Kennedy
George Kennedy as Ed Hocken Kennedy has continued to appear in many supporting roles on both movies and television.

Among his many appearances he had roles in the television series Dallas, as well as lending his voice to features such as Small Soldiers and Cats Don't Dance.




George Kennedy as Cpt. Ed Hocken