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Naked Gun 2 - The Smell of Fear - a synopsis and review of the second movie

Frank Drebin

Dr Mainheimer

The SWAT team on a lunch break


Two Dr Mainheimer's

Frank trying to get rid of the birthmark

Jane finds that the power cord has been unplugged




This follow up movie finds Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) in Washington whilst President Bush (played by John Roarke) decides on the new energy policy of the USA, based on a forthcoming report by Dr Albert Mainheimer (Richard Griffiths).

Fearful that the report will ruin their industries, the various heads of the oil, nuclear and coal companies (led by Robert Goulet as Quentin Hapsburg) decide firstly to try and destroy Mainheimer's work with a bomb. That fails, but it reunites Frank with Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley), who moved to Washington and works for Mainheimer when she and Frank split up.

To Frank's dismay, he finds that Jane is good friends with Hapsburg. They meet up to discuss old times but Jane goes off when she realises that Frank still has feelings for her.

With the assistance of Captain Ed Hocken (George Kennedy), Ted Olsen (Ed Williams) and Nordberg (O.J. Simpson), Frank traces the bomb to Hector Savage (Anthony James). After managing to track down Savage (not before crashing into a zoo and letting all the animals escape into the city), Frank is not able to learn much before Savage is accidentally killed when a fire hose forces water into him at such an incredible rate that he explodes!

In the meantime, Hapsburg has come up with another plan, to replace Mainheimer with a double, who will recommend to the President for the energy policy to remain as status quo.

Noticing that Mainheimer is acting differently, Jane reports the fact to Frank. The Police Squad go into action when they discover a warehouse where the real Mainheimer is supposed to be held.

Breaking in, Drebin himself is held captive with Mainheimer until the rest of the squad can break in. Realising Hapsburg's plan, they all rush to the dinner where the Mainheimer double will make his speech. In disguise as a Mexican musical group, Frank, Ed and Nordberg manage to get in. Without Frank realising it, the false Mainheimer is found and the real one makes the speech. However, Frank stops the speech and tries to prove that it is the double who is on the stand - Jane told him that Mainheimer had a birthmark of Whistler's Mother on his buttock!

After resolving that little mistake (!), Frank goes in chase of Hapsburg who has one last plan up his sleeve - he has a nuclear bomb set to detonate in the building!

Hapsburg escapes from the building before the bomb is set to explode - unfortunately he gets attacked by one of the lions who escaped from the zoo.

Meantime, Frank and Jane try to work out how to deactivate the bomb. Thanks to Frank's quick thinking, and clumsy footwork, he manages to unplug the power cord which powers it!

With the capital safe, President Bush offers Frank a new role leading a strike force within Police Squad. However Frank refuses, preferring instead to ask Jane for her hand in marriage.




President George Bush (Senior)

Jane and Quentin Hapsburg

Savage getting his mouth full



Frank and Ed in disguise


Hapsburg holds Frank at gun point


A happy ending

Jane at the villains table With the success of the first movie, this follow up appeared a few years later.

With all the main characters reprising their roles from the first movie, the only difference here were the villains. Led by Robert Goulet as Quentin Hapsburg, he adds a distinguished air to the role, much like Ricardo Montalban in the first movie. He is also joined here by some veteran actors such as Lloyd Bochner, Tim O'Connor and Peter Mark Richman as the heads of the energy suppliers. Pastiches of scenes from other famous movies (such as Ghost) also appear in the movie, and a couple of old jokes that were used in the original Police Squad television series also turn up.

As such it's not as good as the first movie, but it still provides a lot of laughs and is enjoyable viewing.

Just like that scene in Ghost Cast
Leslie Nielsen

Priscilla Presley
George Kennedy
Robert Goulet
O.J. Simpson
Richard Griffiths
Anthony James
Jacqueline Brooks
Lloyd Bochner

Tim O'Connor

Peter Mark Richman
Ed Williams

John Roarke

Margery Ross

Frank Drebin

Jane Spencer
Ed Hocken
Quentin Hapsburg
Dr Albert Mainheimer/Earl Hacker
Hector Savage
Commissioner Brumford
Terrence Bagett

Donald Fenswick

Arthur Dunwill
Ted Olsen

President George Bush

First Lady Barbara Bush


Frank and Savage burst in on Jane