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Naked Gun 33 1/3 - The Final Insult - a synopsis

Frank Drebin

prison riot

Rocco and his mom

Phil Donahue and Raquel Welch

The winning envelope

This final movie in the series finds Frank (Leslie Nielsen) and Jane (Priscilla Presley) married, but there is trouble in the household... Frank is now retired and Jane wants to start a family.

After Frank is persuaded to do 'one last job' for Police Squad, and messes up a romantic evening with Jane, the pair decide to split up for a while.

Jane goes off on a road trip with her friend, Louise. In the meantime, Frank helps out Police Squad again - this time they need an insider in the prison to keep an eye on Rocco Dillon (Fred Ward). Gaining Rocco's confidence when there is a prison riot, Frank learns that Rocco has a plan for a terrorist act which will be shown worldwide. Breaking out together, the pair head for Rocco's hideout, assisted by Rocco's mother, Muriel (Kathleen Freeman), and Rocco's girlfriend, Tanya Peters (Anna Nicole Smith).

Whilst that is happening, Jane believes that she has killed a man whilst at a truck stop (she only knocked him out). Taking a truck, Jane drives the freeway until she also ends up at Rocco's hideout.

Still believing that Frank is a criminal, the gang take Jane as a hostage and Rocco reveals his plan... a bomb which will be exploded at the Oscar's!

At the Oscar's Frank and Jane manage to overpower Muriel, but they have to gatecrash the event when Rocco and Tanya make it inside.

Realising that the bomb is hidden in one of the winner's envelopes, Frank goes in disguise as Phil Donahue and tries to prevent any further envelopes being opened, much to the shock of some famous actors who are there to open the envelopes.

Eventually the final envelope is ready to be opened, the best picture award. Rocco bursts on stage and holds Jane hostage whilst Frank decides what to do with the envelope. Taking Jane up with him to some of the scaffolding on the stage, Rocco grabs the envelope from Frank. Very much like a Looney Tunes cartoon though, Rocco is attached to some cable which propels him up through the roof, where he and the bomb explode.

The final scene in the movie finds Frank and Nordberg (O.J. Simpson) in the hospital, waiting for Jane to give birth. They burst into the delivery room, only to find a baby with dark skin to be born! As Frank chases Nordberg out of the room, Captain Ed Hocken (George Kennedy) wheels Jane out of another room with their baby.

Jane Spencer-Drebin

Rocco reads up

Jane at the wheel of a truck

Pia Zadora



Jane and Ed with the baby

Rocco and Tanya Peters

A flashback to the 1970s

A return to form with this third entry in the series. Setting the movie at the Academy Awards of Motion Pictures ceremony was an inspired plot as it gave us a lot of cameos from a lot of famous (and not so famous) actors. 

A lot of laughs in lots of scenes in this movie. When Frank has to infiltrate the clinic, not realising it's a sperm bank, and his look after having to go for donations for several times was extremely funny. Also a few pastiches again with Jane trying a 'Thelma & Louise' roadtrip, and of course 'The Untouchables' scene at the very start of the movie.

Fred Ward as Rocco is good, certainly not a cool and suave a villain as either Ricardo Montalban or Robert Goulet in the first two movies, but then it was a villain who had been inside prison. Also nice to see Papshmir back. Rocco's two women, Muriel and Tanya Peters were both excellent at their roles. Kathleen Freeman is superb as the mom, and Anna Nicole Smith of course provides eye candy for the male viewers (and the 'revelation' about Tanya at the end is a scene where you will either burst out with laughter or go 'ewwwww').

A good movie which ends the series, I am always hoping that one day we will see more of Frank Drebin and Jane Spencer Drebin along with the Police Squad (a special division of the police department)

Frank at the sperm donation clinic Cast
Leslie Nielsen

Priscilla Presley
George Kennedy
Fred Ward
O.J. Simpson
Kathleen Freeman
Anna Nicole Smith
Ed Williams

Pia Zadora

Raquel Welch

Frank Drebin

Jane Spencer
Ed Hocken
Rocco Dillon
Muriel Dillon
Tanya Peters
Ted Olsen


herself (uncredited)


Muriel Dillon gives Frank a sign