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One of the latest use of the franchise is the appearance of Darkman as an action figure!

Due to be released on November 2004, this action figure is part of the Now Playing line released by SOTA toys.

Two views of the action figure

Two views of the action figure

From the press release for the line:

'They first came to life up on the movie screen- heroes, villains, creatures, monsters and madmen. These film characters were bigger, badder and cooler than we ever thought possible. And courtesy of SOTA Toys, they are NOW PLAYING!

This year, SOTA Toys are turning classic and cult movie characters into dynamic action figures. The figures are approx. 7 inches scale and each character comes with character specific bases.

“NOW PLAYING is really a labor of love for me, “ said SOTA Toys President Jerry Macaluso, “These are movies that I’ve grown up with and always loved watching over the years. So when the opportunity came for me to make these classic characters into action figure, I dove head first into it. This has been almost a year in development and I’m really proud of the lineup of movies we’ve got for NOW PLAYING… and even better titles are to come!”

NOW PLAYING’s first series of action figures will include characters from the movies DARKMAN, THE TOXIC AVENGER and AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Series 2 will include JEEPERS CREEPERS 2, KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE and THE MUMMY RETURNS, with more NOW PLAYING figures due in 2005. '

If you can find this action figure in Tower Records, pick it up there, as there will be an extra variant third head, which is a partially bandaged head.

Changable heads on the action figure Changeable heads on the action figure


The price of the action figure is suggested at around the $12 mark, well worth picking up if you find one!

A close up of the action figure


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