DarkMan shrine - has a review of the first movie and a look at the video game

The Passion of the Darkman - a new messageboard on everything related to the character and series.

International Hero Page on Darkman.


Washington Post review of the first Darkman movie review of Darkman

Badmovieplanet review of Darkman

DVD transfer review of Darkman

Film reviews: Darkman2&3

Liam Neeson fansite

Unofficial Sam Raimi website

The Arnold Vosloo Files has a biography and filmography on the actor who played the lead in the second and third Darkman movies.

Tom's Xena Page has a lot of images of Renée O'Connor from Darkman II


Danny Elfman's Music For A Darkened People: Filmography - Darkman

Film Score Central's review of the Darkman score

Randy Miller (composer on the second and third Darkman movies) has his own website.

Computer & Movie Games
Your Sinclair review of the Darkman game

Novels page on the Darkman series of novels

Action Figure
SOTA Toys page on the Darkman action figure

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Darkman [1990]
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Darkman [1990]  
Darkman 2 - The Return Of Durant [1994]  


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