Darkman - the unaired television pilot

Unaired Television Pilot

Darkman, as he appeared in the television pilotUniversal Television financed a 30 minute television pilot on Darkman, which was made sometime in 1992.

The pilot retells the origin of the character (with some alterations), and introduces some new characters.

Another shot of Darkman from the television pilot

Christopher Bowen as Peyton Westlake

Larry Drake as Robert Durant

Christopher Bowen has the role of Peyton Westlake/Darkman. Larry Drake reprises his role of Robert Durant, and Kathleen York plays the cop, Jenny.

The origin starts off pretty much the same, Peyton discovers his synthetic skin, and is attacked and left for dead by Durant and his gang. In this version, however, Peyton is already married to Julie, and she is killed in the explosion.

As in the movies, Westlake becomes the Darkman, and seeks vengeance on Durant and his gang.

A picture of Westlake's wife, Julie, who was killed in the explosion

Durant's main henchman, Vincenzio

Darkman's headquarters though are based in an abandoned observatory overlooking the city, and he is wanted by the police for his actions against Durant's gang.
Darkman's headquarters, the abandoned observatoryAn atmospheric shot of Darkman


TV's Darkman unmasked After a confrontation with Durant and his men in a nightclub where he is unmasked and a gun battle ensues.


Shortly after, Darkman captures Vincenzio and buries his body in the cemetery where he is confronted by cop Jenny.

Kathleen York as Jenny

Deciding to let him go, Jenny is pursued by Durant and shot at. Darkman rescues her and tends to her wounds.

The pilot ends with some scenes from the first movie (particularly of Darkman and Durant fighting) and Darkman stating that Justice will answer with a brand new face.

In the space of less than twenty-five minutes, the pilot does an excellent job of retelling the origin and setting up the potential series. Christopher Bowen does an admirable job in the main role and the rest of the cast also do their best in the short space of the pilot show.

it is a pity that the pilot was not taken up as the potential was there for a great series. There was also a television pilot (made in 1990), called the Dark Avenger. This was the story of a judge who turns masked avenger when he gets scarred by acid... although there are similarities between this character and Darkman, it does not seem that the show is directly related.

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