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In the meantime, here are the covers and plot summaries for the novels that appeared:

Plot summary

Once he had a normal life, a beautiful girlfriend and a brilliant medical career - creating synthetic skin for accident victims...

Then he was a victim himself, brutally attacked by sadistic criminals - his face and body burned beyond recognition...

Now, he walks the night, searching for the woman he loves. A man who looks like a monster, he hopes to salvage his scorched flesh... and avenge those who destroyed his life...

Every soul has a dark side. This time, it walks like a man...


Pocket Books started a paperback series with the character, which had new storylines, written by Randall Boyle. Released during 1994 and 1995, it was intended that this would take off (like the publishers Star Trek series of novels) - but the following four titles are all the series.

On the back cover of each of these books you had the following introduction to the character:

DARKMAN: Once Peyton Westlake was a brilliant scientist conducting ground-breaking work with artificial skin - but his life was changed forever when vicious gangsters destroyed his lab and left him horribly burned beyond recognition. At that moment, Peyton Westlake died and re-emerged from the hellish fire as DARKMAN, a creature of the night driven by superhuman rage. Using his artificial skin process and his ability to become anyone for 99 minutes, DARKMAN extracted a deadly revenge on the men who destroyed his life. 

The front cover to the first novel The Hangman


Plot summary

Now, two years later, DARKMAN has rebuilt his lab in an abandoned factory to continue his work. A chance encounter with a young boy leads DARKMAN to a new evil that's devouring the youth of the city. DARKMAN's rage grows once again, and he turns it toward a new enemy - an enemy that will soon learn the depth of his fury... and feel the bite of his vengeance.

The Price of Fear


Plot summary

When DARKMAN stumbles across a plot to take control of Eastview Estates, an exclusive real estate development, he decides to put a stop to it by infiltrating the criminal organization responsible. But soon DARKMAN finds more than he bargained for as he becomes embroiled in a dangerous web of murder and corruption.

For little does he know that an ancient evil stalks the city, and DARKMAN may be it next victim...

The cover to The Price of Fear
The cover to the 3rd novel, The Gods of Hell The Gods of Hell

Plot summary

Now, across the city, children are disappearing, and the niece of DARKMAN's former fiance, Julie Hastings, is the latest victim. Searching for the kidnappers, DARKMAN stumbles across a strange cult sacrificing the children in a quest for immortality. Forced to infiltrate the group, DARKMAN must confront the diabolical plan's evil mastermind, a deadly killer with a tortured past who will stop at nothing to find the secret of everlasting life...

In The Face of Death

Plot summary

Now, DARKMAN must take to the night once again to stop a vicious, rogue CIA agent known only as Rondo who wants the secret of DARKMAN's skin for his own evil plans. Once he possesses DARKMAN's technology, he will use it to impersonate the president and forge an empire with himself as leader. With time running out, DARKMAN must somehow stop Rondo or else the entire world will fall under a madman's will...





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