Darkman II: The Return of Durant


Larry Drake Robert G. Durant
Arnold Vosloo Peyton Westlake/Darkman
Kim Delaney Jill Randall
Renée O'Connor Laurie Brinkman
Bradford May Director
David Roessell Producer



Arnold Vosloo as Peyton Westlake Scientist Peyton Westlake continues to work on his synthetic skin, whilst fighting crime as Darkman.

Despite looking as if he had been blown up in the first movie, Robert G Durant was in fact a coma all this time since the helicopter explosion, and returns to take over the organised crime in the city.

Trying to perfect his synthetic skin with the assistance of Dr David Brinkman (Jesse Collins), Durant turns up, and in a scene reminiscent of the first movie, Brinkman is tortured and killed, leaving the work in ruins. It is upto Darkman once again to disguise himself as members of Durant's gang and manages to destroy them from within.

Whilst Westlake is infiltrating Durant's gang - reporter Jill Randall is trying to prove that Peyton Westlake is still alive.


The feeling of deja vue in this movie is quite strong, a lot of the scenes remind you of the first movie, and indeed a lot of clips from the first one are also included.

There are also some new characters: as well as Kim Delaney as reporter Jill Randall, Renée O'Connor appears as Laurie Brinkman, the sister of the scientist killed by Durant.

It seems from this movie that the producers wanted to try and establish a franchise for the character. This is also backed up by the fact that a new comic book and novel series were also released around this time. But with the fact that this movie was released direct to video, and the fact that the story borrow heavily from the first movie, it was unlikely that the movie series would continue... but it did.

It was originally intended that Die Darkman Die was going to be the sequel to the original movie, but when Larry Drake became available to reprise his role of Durant, this movie was fast tracked into development.

Kim Delaney as Jill Randall
Renee O'Connor as Laurie Brinkman Arnold Vosloo as Darkman Larry Drake as Robert G Durant

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