Darkman III: Die Darkman Die


Jeff Fahey Peter Rooker
Arnold Vosloo Peyton Westlake/Darkman
Darlanne Fluegel Dr. Bridget Thorne
Roxann Biggs-Dawson Angela Rooke
Bradford May Director
David Roessell Producer


Arnold Vosloo as Peyton Westlake Still working on his synthetic skin, Peyton Westlake as Darkman steals a crate of money from drug lord Peter Rooker to continue his research.

Rooker is determined to find out how Darkman has his superior strength, and enlists the aid of Dr Bridget Thorne, the doctor who originally worked on Westlake's body when he was burnt in the first movie.

Gaining a sample of Westlake's adrenaline, Dr Thorne develops a designer steroid which enhances someone's strength at the cost of their mental agility.

Learning of what has happened, Darkman plans his revenge against Rooker by impersonating him to his family and colleagues in order to bring him down.

It is upto Darkman to destroy the formula to the steroid and seek vengeance against Rooker, but not at the cost of Rooker's wife and child. 


With this third installment in the Darkman movie series, the plot tries to introduce some new and different elements to the series.

Arnold Vosloo continues his dual role as Westlake and Darkman: this time he does have some touching moments with Rooker's wife (played by Roxanne Biggs-Dawson), and his child, reminding him of life could have been for him.

Jeff Fahey as Peter Rooker give an over the top performance as the main villain of this movie, he is joined by Darlanne Fluegel as Dr. Bridget Thorne, a new character retroactively put into Darkman's origin as one of the doctors who first treated him.

The idea of the super steroid developed from Westlake's adrenaline is intriguing, no doubt inspired by news stories of designer drugs at the time.


This was originally intended as the first sequel to the series, but when Larry Drake became available to reprise his role of Durant, this entry was moved back until Darkman II: The Return of Durant had been finished and released.

Jeff Fahey as Peter Rooker
Arnold Vosloo as Darkman in a scene from the movie Roxann Biggs-Dawson as Angela Rooker Arnold Vosloo as Darkman

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